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Decisions decisions

Just Great.
I knew this was gonna be a bad week, Now I got my sister’s fairy Godmother knocking on the door telling me the only way to get out of my Step-Sisters meat is to go to a Swim Meet. Fantastic. Only got a day to plan how to win an underwater race against Fae who are probably already endowed with aquatic abilities. And I didn’t even get my own golden egg.

Ok planning time. Gonna need to craft some items. Number one rule about being a Wizard, Come prepared. How fast are Dolphins? I could sware I saw a spell somewhere in Tobin’s Guide to Magical Transformations. Maybe some Gillyweed would do for this special event.

Gotta win.

Segway to Season2
"Are we there yet?"

Intro- The team narrowly escapes the Lumare Corporate building, Dean’s body is incapacitated while his soul is inhabiting the body of his sister, Terri, who’s mind and soul seems occupied by dark forces. Officer Black followed in his new car but almost immediately got called away to investigate an issue at a local park. Sam was called and given the heads up about the situation and asked to collect some items for quick ward creation…

Ok players, post your character’s thoughts and feelings from the climax of last season. What’s going on their noggins?!?

1 Fate Point will be awarded if you post your character’s thoughts. Remember, Fate Points have refreshed, any left over from last season are gone.

Season 1 Recap

Ok guys, my notebook is awol, so…. After re-reading what we posted on Obsidian here is the climax and cliff hanger from last season…
Knowing the wand of Ib’Quan was the key the “Never Ever” powers, the team hatched a plot to break into Lumare Coporation and take possession of the Wand. In the process they found out the building was under attack and after negotiating their way past the front guards, the team ended up in the storage chamber where a hostile spirit had taken over Terri Falca’s body. Not allowing a chance to beat his sister silly, Dean and the team attempted to stop the possessed sorceress. Well they did, but in the process Dean’s unknown curse took hold and the evil spirit, that of the ancient warlock Ib’Quan himself took over Dean’s body, kicking his spirit free of his body. The conflict had not only manage to take out one of the good guys it also gave Ib’Quan another body to work his magic through, which he was trying to open a permanent portal to the Never Ever. Noticing that his sister’s body was still breathing but unaware, Dean took a risk and slid into her body trying to get back into the fight; which he succeeded to do, very easily, almost too easily. Dean and Art once again tried a desperate gamble; this time to stop Dean’s possessed body from completing the ritual. Their gamble paid off but sent a wave of energy coursing through the room. Luckily the room’s pillars were designed to absorb and redirect magical energy but Dean and Art being too close were hit. Art’s sword, the magical and divine Excalibur was ripped out of his hands and flung into a rift in space. Dean’s spirit was momentarily thrown from the body then like a magical rubber band he was snapped back and knocked out. Officer Black, who up until now was just trying to hold his own against the shadow hounds and demons, checked on the slew of bodies on the floor. Art was ok, bruised but awake. Dean’s body was … in a coma like state. Terri’s body, was unconscious with Dean’s spirit still inside. The various Lumare guards were dead, drained of their life force.
The wand lies on the ground, pulsating with power, the alter to some forsaken power lies broken and shattered. Several storage pillars have been destroyed and various items, glinting in the flashing warning lights are strewed about the floor. Two cells in, past the thick glass, you can also make out a small pedestal with a black pillow and on top of it a silver coin, a coin that seems to sing to all that gaze upon it. Terri’s body growns and her raspy voice mutters, “Did we get him?”
The icing on the cake: the walkie-talkie of one of the guards pipes up, “Mrs. Falca your sister Terra is here, the warden mam, she says she’s here to take possession of the item, and you would know what she’s talking about…”

Rewards- Since the start of the game, all players should have been awarded two Major Milestones, granting them a total of two refresh and two skill points. In addition to that we had two Minor Milestones, granting them a total of an additional two skills points. Grand total: +2 Refresh and +4 Skill Points.

At this time I am still only allowing one skill at +5. From my time playing on Saturdays some things to keep in mind- complications are good and they are great points to use for story and character interaction, so you will see more complications this mini-season. I also have a greater appreciation and understanding of magic and I think this season will be more entertaining than last one.

As far as your character’s aspects, I know there has been some talk of them changing, which is excellent, that reflects character growth and change. Just don’t get too married to the new ones because they may change after our first skype meeting. We will be resolving how the team extracts itself from the corporation building. That will affect many “aspects” of our upcoming story arc.

I look forward to talking Tuesday night.

Back in the Never Ever...

Energy swirled around the warlock…

The Watcher (part 1)

He watched from the shadows of the modest trees that bordered the southern edge of the soccer field. The battle was fairly brief and ended as well as predicted, although the car exploding was a surprise. What disturbed the shadowed figure was what happened afterwards. Almost all their planning was for naught as Dean managed to spurn both Fix and the Avatar.

What was he thinking! This is a windfall, don’t waste it!

Luckily Fix was not moved by Dean’s words and talked quietly to the Avatar as “the boys” (the watcher referred to them as “the boys” for obvious reasons) tried to come up with a plan for dealing with over a dozen passed out, previously possessed soccer moms and a handful more quiet clearly dead.

As the watcher continued unmoved on the sidelines he saw Fix and the Avatar come back and after another heated debate Dean seemed to have caved. Over the next two hours the watcher took copious notes as the motley crew cleaned up and performed the ritual to reopen the passage to the Nightside, correction Never Ever, the watcher liked the boys interpretation of that domain, and freed the boy from his prison. He was sure that the Gatekeeper wouldn’t agree the nickname.

Morning was approaching and there was still no sound of cops, firemen or an alarm of any kind. The warlocks were good in covering their tracks and that didn’t seem to bother the group that was now taking advantage of the quiet. Art and the Avatar were talking uneasily off to the side as Dean and Randy tackled the exploded car issue. The watcher felt sympathy for Art, his girlfriend after being cursed was now possessed by the spirit of a goddess, pushing his love further from him. Although he desperately wanted to fix the situation for Art, the watcher new that God had other plans for both Art and the Avatar, and he hoped that Art would keep his spirits up, knowing that the Avatar was healing his girl’s body.

The watcher wasn’t overly concerned about the conclusion, it was messy but resolved. After slagging the car, Dean took a seat on the bleachers and the watcher used his ability to enlarge his sight. He would make out the lines of fatigue and worry on Dean’s face, but there was a quiet underlining of contempt. The watcher was puzzled. As Dean stretched, allowing his legs to dangle down to the row below him his jeans raised up just a bit, revealing his lower calf; the watcher caught his breath and dropped to his knees.

Dear God no!

Fear, palpable and intense seized the watcher as his heart began to race uncontrollably. He gazed wide eyed at the mark that now branded the wizard. This was impossible and was not in the prophecy! Something had gone horribly wrong. The watcher’s vision spun around him and he fought to control himself. He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing. He used the tree next to him to stand up. When he opened his eyes a small tear dropped down his cheek.

He gazed back at the wizard. Dean seemed un-phased and unaware of the mark or what was happening to him. He searched for Art, he saw him staring blankly at the field. The only one moving was Randy, who was also watching the two other boys, a look of worry and confusion on his face. As the watcher took in the scene he knew that the bond between the three had to improve or all his hard work would be for naught.

The Dark is Falling

Art was with Julie and her family at the local Cee-Cee’s pizza, trying to cheer up the losing soccer team, when Dean entered the establishment, fresh from his journey to Scotland, and his meeting with the Fey courts. Dean caught Art’s eye, and the pair met up quickly, and Art shared with Dean all that he knew, and that he had a very good feeling that Julie’s little brother might be in some sort of danger, and invited Dean back to Julie’s house. From there, they deciphered the picture that Sam had sent to Art, and found out that it was a reverse ward glyph in one of Dean’s new tomes. They called Randy, and had him join them at Julie’s house, and the trio, along with Randy’s werewolf girlfriend, tried to make plans for whatever might be happening, when all the lights suddenly started going out. Everyone congregated in the house, hoping that the house’s threshold might give them more support.
The otherworldly forces attempted to enter the house, but the threshold held, but somehow, Julie and her parents had become possessed by the forces of the Nightside. Art held the doorway to her brother’s room, preventing anyone from entering, but someone from the outside tried to force their way into the room through the window, so Art used Dean’s magical flashbang, which incapacitated everyone but Art, Dean and Randy. Dean jumped out the window to fight whatever was out there, while Art moved the boy to a more secure location. When it was all over, Art and Randy found Dean “dead”, and attempted to bring him back, then the authorities arrived.
Some research provided the knowledge that they needed white gold as a bane for the Nightside, and they came up with several plans to acquire some, including robbing Jareds. They finally pooled their money and bought as much as they could from Dean’s contact Twitch, and then Randy and Dean remembered the Roman sword, and they made plans to meet with the owner.
Randy met with the owner, while Dean and Art when to the Professor’s office, to see if he could find some way to test and see if the sword was white gold. Dean noticed that there was something off about the Professor, and they discussed it, while Randy tried to wheel-and-deal with the woman about “borrowing” the sword. When Art and Dean were done, they went to meet up with Randy, and Dean cast a ritual that told him that the sword was many different metals, and discovered that they blade was only a sheath for a white gold magical blade, but one that it took at least some minor talent in magic to remove the blade from the sheath. The woman finally relented, and the group took the blade, and went to the Sun Trust building.
There they ran into Dean’s HAWT sister, and, to everyone’s surprise, Lance, Art’s old acquaintance, was one of her guards. After some bantering back and forth, the group was shown that their suspicions were wrong, and that Dean’s sister was not behind the evil machinations.
Wandering without a clue, they noticed a familiar name: Tesla Networking. The truth almost literally smacked the trio in the face, and they devised a plan where Dean would veil Art and himself, and they would sneak in and hide in the bathroom until the business day was over. Then they called Randy, and he joined them, somehow finding a janitor truck and a uniform that fit him. Searching offices, they found one that was warded, and the trio entered, and found the room bare of technology and had an illusionary wall. They went through the wall and found what seemed to be some sort of shrine to the Nightside. Dean was overcome and destroyed the shrine, and Art, in possession of the blade, was filled with righteous fury, and destroyed several stones that contained souls within. They noticed that the wall was beginning to harden, and Art led the way out, where they encountered another shadow wolf, which Art and Dean quickly dispatched. The trio confronted another shadow wolf and a warlock, and they defeated the evil group.

Serial Killers and Soccer Games

Deciding that doing a little footwork would go a long way, and having to find something to do with the drunken Lance, the group made their way back to Dean’s house, each taking a different car to get there. Upon arriving, Dean set off to work in the garage, attempting a ritual that would help them identify and locate the source of the nasty, fiery poo flinging monkey Shen creatures. Art took the opportunity to catch a quick nap, while Officer Randy read some gaming magazines (print edition!) that he found on the coffee table.

When Dean had finished, he knew what the creatures were (kind of), and that they were not the same summoned creatures from the Wand. The group went back to the alley where Art had first seen the creatures, and Dean located a “rift” between our dimension and the “Never Ever” (or the Night Side…whatever!). A creature forced it’s way through the rift, and hit Randy with some sort of mental compulsion, making him experience his greatest fears. Dean was semi-affected, but not nearly to the extent that Randy was. Art’s faith and strong conviction and beliefs completely shielded him from the attack, and he channeled his Faith through his sword and struck the creature. While it was momentarily distracted, Dean finished the creature off with an evocation. Randy, still under the influence of the spell, saw something moving, and blasted it with his shotgun. It turned out to be a homeless man, and Art forced Randy to call the appropriate authorities.
Dean went to see the Professor, and was making his way to Scotland through the ways, giving Art and Randy several hours. They went and met Don Johnson, Art’s White Court stuck in the 80’s street informer/pusher/pimp, to see if he could dig up any more information on the current “scene”. They then ate at the Waffle House and went their separate ways.
Dean met Namorius in Edinborough, and gained some information on the creatures. Art went to spend the day with Julie and her family, but kept having his day interrupted by phone calls, first from Don, then to Randy, and then several from Sam. Turns out that the disappearances of people had risen some 200% in the past month, and with Sam’s help, they discovered a pattern to the killings/disappearances…they were in alphabetical order, coming up to the letter “S”, and most were children between 8 and 12 years old, making Julie’s brother a prime target. And here they were, out at night, with something strange happening….

Dangerous Play

As Art, Dean, Sam and Randy watched the 3 black SUVs drive off, Dean, protectively holding Penny kept muttering to himself under his breath, about an evil bitch.

With a roguish smile, Art looked at him and said off-handedly, “Your sister is hot.”

“She’s an evil, sadistic bitch!”

“The Lord always offers redemption Dean…”

After a quick exchange, with Dean and Randy trying to convince Penny that she was being held by the IRA in some sort of terrorist plot, the group split up. Randy went home to Heather the werewolf, Art escorted Sam for protection, and Dean took Penny back to her house, with the plan to meet at the IHOP in the morning.

When Dean arrived at the Edwards’ house, he met Namorius there, who told him that he had shown up and created a cover story about the IRA making demands, and that the FBI had gotten Dean involved. Dean considered it, but, in his tired, fried brain pan state never stopped to consider that the trio had never told Namorius who was kidnapped…Dean stayed the night to comfort Penny (with, strangely enough, the song “I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You” playing in the background, almost as if in a TV montage scene…).

In the morning, the group met at IHOP, and Dean and Art told their “secrets” under a semi-interrogation by Officer Black. After breakfast, the group (minus Sam) went back to Mega*Con, Dean and Randy to “browse” and Art had to work.

While at Mega*Con met Vivian De Luce, who was carrying a silver amulet, in the style of a Celtic Cross that radiated magic faintly. Dean also kept noticing a bronze Roman short sword. Dean made an inquiry about the amulet, and Ms. De Luce told him the story of it being given to a Welsh princess by an Irish privateer, and that it was a sign of true love. They bargained over a price, but it was closing time for vendors, and Dean again noted the short sword.

Sunday involved Church at St. James Catholic Church, where Father Smythe presided. Coincidentally, it is also the same church that Penny and her family attended. It seems it is a small world! Penny convinced Dean to come to Mass with them (perhaps not hurt by Art’s constant invitations, and Father Smythe’s invitation as well). After Mass, Father Smythe, a very unassuming, but physically large man, was talking to Dean, and, despite Dean’s protests, some how seemed to talk Dean into RCIA classes, and perhaps converting (for Penny’s sake of course..).

The week seemed to pass as close to normal as it could for a wizard, a holy knight and a cop that dates a werewolf. After Wednesday night services, Art met up with an old high school acquaintance, Lance Durand, former high school jock, now ex-marine. The pair went to Murphy’s Pub, a local law enforcement hang out, to catch up on old times. Shortly after midnight, as they were leaving, Art got “a bad feeling”, heard breaking glass, and saw what appeared to be a homeless man stumble out of a darkened alley, quickly followed by a pair of black, scaly monkey creatures who seemed to be flinging blue, flaming poo! Lance quickly pulled out his hand cannon and fired a few errant shots, and one of the creatures ripped the man apart. Art, being without his “gear”, grabbed Lance and pushed him into Lance’s car, and sped away. One of the creatures landed on the car’s roof, but Art fishtailed the mid-sized sedan, sending the creature flying into a wall, where it rebounded into a pool of street light, where the creature dissipated, like the shadow wolves had. Art called Dean, who called Randy, and they all met at the 13 Sisters. The group met up, after Dean called the professor and learned that they might, perhaps be Shen, a short of demonic monkey. Randy also called Heather and found out that they could be facing spirits.

They returned to the scene of the crime, the very drunk Lance in the back of Randy’s squad car. After a quick exchange with the local authorities, Art got his truck and went back to where the other 3 vehicles were parked. Randy tried to find out what he could, but really go no information from the condescending lieutenant that was on the scene. Dean found that the building by where Art had scene the creatures held 3 businesses: Joe’s Roofing, Cool Breeze AC Repair and Tesla’s Networking. They reconvened, and went back to where Art had “defeated” the 1st creature, and Dean picked up signs of “bad mojo”, but they decided that any further magical research should be done at Art’s place, just not in the garage!

The Phantom Menace

The fun just never seems to end for Art and Dean. As the trio for Art, Sam and Dean were leaving Sam’s mini-mansion in Art’s Ford Ranger, they ran into yet ANOTHER complication, this being one Wizard Namorius. Namorius had some questions for Art about the professor, which gave Dean a few “sinking suspicions”. After a brief conversation, during which time Art found out from Det. Shaunnesy that their gear was no longer being held, they left, passing up a chance to use a portal through the NeverNever, and drove the short (but hour long drive) back to Orlando.

The group picked up their gear, and headed to the professor’s office, where Sam and Dean met with the professor, and found Namorius there already. Dean talked to the professor, and found out about an area referred to as “The Night Side”, and Sam was able to use his (incredibly versatile and useful) cell phone to scan an entire book. They then went back to Dean’s house, so he could “call” Mary back, and Art called Father Smythe. While having a semi-theological debate about the true physical existence of angels, Art, while discussing the Luminaries (Fallen Angels so to speak), found out that the Lumare Corporation was not something to be dealt with lightly, being traders in knowledge and artifacts. Father Smythe also mentioned, that they may be in possession of a Denarian coin, but didn’t know which one.

While at the house, the trio realized that “Mary” didn’t actually know who Sam was, and tried to come up with a plan to switch someone out for him during the exchange for Penny. Art volunteered himself, but wasn’t able to do it, being much physically larger than Sam. They found someone who could do it, but Art refused to risk yet another innocent, and made the suggestion that they find something else to trade for Penny.

Sam had been successful in deciphering the book written in (as Art deemed it) “Not Latin”, and found out more about the mysterious wand from the previous night. It was the Wand of Ib’Quan (pronounced Ib’Chin), and belonged to a Black Court Vampire that was hunted down and destroyed during the Crusades by an heir of Lancelot(!). The trio agreed that handing this ancient, powerful and dangerous artifact over to an evil corporate entity seemed a better choice than decapitating Sam or giving him over to said corporation. Dean made the deal with “Mary”, and, after sending Joe out for 3 dozen frosted and sprinkled doughnuts, Dean called Rombo, and had the fat brownie find out where the wand was. Rombo was successful, and the group departed, intending on leaving Sam with Father Smythe, for protection on holy ground.

This plan was not meant to be, as Art tried to drive to the church, his truck kept breaking down, and he was the recipient of (not so) subtle clues as to his true path (i.e., an ad for replicas of Excalibur being on sale at Mega*Con, and the church being evacuated). Rethinking this, they took Sam with them and headed off to the Convention Center.

Meanwhile, an agricultural officer, Randy Black (who has some knowledge of werewolves), who as still investigating Art and Dean’s “engagement” from the previous evening, noticed a shady looking character scaling up to the roof of the center. He followed him to see what he was up to. At this time, Art, Sam and Dean showed up, and spotted 2 figures on the roof top, and with Rombo’s directions, made their way up to the roof. Sam was given orders to head for the hills if they plan (as expected) would go south, and Art and Dean went to investigate.

The robed-figure made a threat towards Officer Black, who attempted to taze the warlock, but it did not seem to be effective. As Dean and Art made their way towards the fight, the warlock summoned up another “shadow wolf”, which Art, drawing his sword and asking for the Lord’s blessing, engaged in combat. Dean, on the other hand, tried a more mundane approach, and shot at the warlock with his .357 Magnum. As Art was fending off the “shadow wolf”, the warlock attempted to cast some sort of spell, which back fired was Officer Black tried to tackle him, breaking his black magic circle, and flooded the roof with black lightning. The lightning stunned Officer Black, who managed to get off a shot of his own, wounding the warlock, but the lightning also destroyed the “shadow wolf”. Art, drawing a bead on the warlock, offered him a chance to put down the wand and repent, or face the consequences. The warlock sneered, and began to chant again, and Art concussed the warlock with a mighty swipe of his sword to the side of his head.

The group began to recover, and Art, using a holy cloth, picked up the Wand. Dean and Randy both seemed to be affected and effected by the wand, Dean able to control himself, and Randy trying to physically take the Wand from the Knight. Reason prevailed, and then they saw a Cessna heading straight for them! Randy and Art (who had the Wand and the downed paramedic), headed for the stairs, as Dean cast a wind spell to deflect the plane into the lake. After having the plane land in the lake next to the center, the group made their way down the stairs. Art put the paramedic down, and had Sam and Randy try to take care of them, and then made his way after Dean, who had sprinted towards the lake to try to help anyone in the plane.

Dean cast a spell and found no one in the plane, and at almost the same time, Art realized that the Wand was no longer in his hand, having disappeared some how. At the same moment, the Wand reappeared by the former warlock. Randy went to pick it up, but Same stopped him by grabbing the Wand himself. As he did this, the body disappeared! Sam had Randy call Art’s cell phone, and told them what had happened. Art and Dean ran back to their location, and Art retook possession of the Wand, again holding it in his holy cloth. At this time, Sam doesn’t seem to be effected by the Wand.

The group made their way to the spot of the exchange, and 3 black SUVs showed up. Inside was Dean’s step-sister (the wicked?!) Terri Falca. Dean had some harsh words for his sister, and Art reluctantly turned over the Wand, and the group got Penny free. As Dean glared at his departing sister, Art tried to sense the presence of the Denarian, but did not sense it. The Phantom Menace of the Lumare Corporation now had a name and a face, and one that was very familiar for Dean!

Fae Rights!

Dean’s in the hospital, Art’s in jail and Penny wants to chat Klingon! What can they do when Dean’s long lost brother, Sam, shows that he’s fae enraging, and Penny is kidnapped by the Lumare Corporation? And why does Art’s archangel imply that beheading is the easiest option?


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