Megara Chasey

Best friend of Ava, owner of "The Treasure Trove."


High Concept: Artifact Recovery Specialist
Trouble: My Best Friend Isn’t Quite Human
Other Aspects: Store Front: Treasure Trove, Crack-Shot Competitive Shooter, and Friends in Low Places


On what was supposed to be a simple recovery project, Meg hired out some local students from University of Central Florida, all of which were notable free-divers. Among the students was a young woman from New Smyrna who could catch your attention from across a room and hold it captive.

Meg didn’t like her already.

But her opinion of the auburn-haired girl would drastically change when she nearly drowns inside a sunken ship. A ribbon seal saves her life, dragging her all the way to the shore before shedding its skin and resuscitating her. She would have thought she was hallucinating if the seal’s pelt wasn’t laying on the shore next to a stark-naked and panicking Ava Serendon. Nothing has ever been the same.

Megara Chasey

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