Art Penders


Art Penders (Eric)

Template: Knight of the Cross
Musts: Bless This House, Guide My Hand, Holy Touch, Righteouness

High Concept: Knight of the Cross, Blood of Arthur
Trouble: Anything for Friends and Family

Other Aspects: My Faith Will See Me Through; Boy Scout; I will be worthy of Arthur’s Sword; One Step Behind; There’s an ArchAngel on My Shoulder


Aspect: My Faith Will See Me Through

Born in Massachusetts. Parents died in a car crash. Adopted by his grandparents (Ginny and Earl Penders) in Winter Haven, FL. Became increasingly forlorn and dismayed. Ran away from home, fell in with a bad crowd. Hooked on drugs (crack and heroin). Thought he was having a drug-induced dream that a woman came from a lake, where he saw himself reflected wearing a crown and holding some sort of “blazing” sword. A blazing figure, the archangel Raguel, informed him that he was among the “Chosen of God”, and also a descendent of King Arthur. With a touch of blazing pain, Raguel removed his addictions, but, as Art would find out later, it turns out that it was because Art truly was ready to seek a better life that what he currently had, and Raguel’s touch stoked the fires of his belief in himself and the Almighty. He
returned home, to talk with Grandma Ginny and Grampa Earl, and they reinforced what was said about his being a descendent of Arthur, and it was foretold that one of his line would again wield Excalibur against the forces of darkness.


Aspect: Boy Scout

Was excited/intimidated about finding out about his family’s lineage. Learned that he was to be taking his father’s place as the heir of Arthur (but being a “chosen of God” was his own destiny). Became very close with his grandparents, feeling bad about what he put them through. He decided that he needed to always strive to do what was
right. Art made a promise to himself on the graves of his parents that he would always try do his best, to do his duty for God and his country, to keep his word, to help others, and to defend the weak and helpless (a take on the Boy Scout’s code). Art began his training with sword, and listened to stories from his grandparents about legends of old, and possibly of anew, and began learning more about his faith
and his “relationship” with the Almighty. Art had a job at Medieval Times as the “Blue Knight”, but was told that he was “no longer required” after the incident that took place in “Medieval Mayhem”. Art currently attends UCF, trying to get a history degree, and has a job doing data entry for the UCF library. He met his current girlfriend Julie at UCF.


Aspect: I will be worthy of Arthur’s Sword

Story Title: Midieval Mayhem
Guest Starring: Dean

When an angry demon threatens patrons at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, Art Pender has to find a weapon of old to stop it. But will Art Penders succeed when he finds himself up against angry demons, wizards, the Orlando Police Department and Mickey Mouse?


Aspect: One Step Behind

Story Title: The Dark is Falling
Guest Starring: Dean and Randy

After combating evil shadow creatures and an evil warlock, Dean was forced into Terri’s body. Now Raguel was telling him to kill Dean’s body, and Terri was claiming she was Dean. Now Art’s not sure who is right, who is wrong, and if he can really trust anyone.


Aspect: There’s an ArchAngel on My Shoulder

Story Title: Gotta Have Faith
Guest Starring: was gonna be Adam

Thoughts: Art will be “tempted” by (someone/thing)with a sword of power (some how?), and is given the knowledge that by taking up the sword, he would be able to increase his “worldly powers” enough to cure
his girlfriend and grandfather, and save their lives. “Intuition” (or perhaps an angel’s voice?) lets him know that he needs to have faith in God’s will, but all choices have consequences. Art takes the sword and jams it into “the Stone”, giving up the sword and it’s associated
powers, but in doing so, knowingly has made his grandfather’s impending death a certainty. In doing so, Art will thwart the (whatever’s) plan to have the sword used for selfish reasons, and his grandfather will console him, letting him know that he is ready to face
his afterlife, and dies in Art’s arms.

SKILLS (+29)

Alertness: Average (1)
Athletics: Fair (
Contacts: Average (1)
Conviction: Great (
Discipline: Fair (2)
Empathy: Average (
Endurance: Great (4)
Fists: Fair (
Might: Good (3)
Presence: Good (
Resources: Average (1)
Weapons: Great (


Bless This House 1]: adds to threshold of a place
Guide My Hand [
1]: Faith Manages
Spiritual Guidance
Holy Touch 1]: Holy Touch
Righteouness [
2]: Potent Prayer
Desperate Hour


Mental (4): OOOO
Physical (
4): OOOO
Social (+4): OOOO


Art has a suit of Chain Armor that is Armor 1, and carries a Broad Sword (Weapon 2). He has a bag of holy gear (water, cross, blessed cloth, etc), carries a smart phone, and drives a 1997 Ford Ranger 4×4.

Total Refresh Cost: +5


Art Penders

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