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The Watcher (part 1)


He watched from the shadows of the modest trees that bordered the southern edge of the soccer field. The battle was fairly brief and ended as well as predicted, although the car exploding was a surprise. What disturbed the shadowed figure was what happened afterwards. Almost all their planning was for naught as Dean managed to spurn both Fix and the Avatar.

What was he thinking! This is a windfall, don’t waste it!

Luckily Fix was not moved by Dean’s words and talked quietly to the Avatar as “the boys” (the watcher referred to them as “the boys” for obvious reasons) tried to come up with a plan for dealing with over a dozen passed out, previously possessed soccer moms and a handful more quiet clearly dead.

As the watcher continued unmoved on the sidelines he saw Fix and the Avatar come back and after another heated debate Dean seemed to have caved. Over the next two hours the watcher took copious notes as the motley crew cleaned up and performed the ritual to reopen the passage to the Nightside, correction Never Ever, the watcher liked the boys interpretation of that domain, and freed the boy from his prison. He was sure that the Gatekeeper wouldn’t agree the nickname.

Morning was approaching and there was still no sound of cops, firemen or an alarm of any kind. The warlocks were good in covering their tracks and that didn’t seem to bother the group that was now taking advantage of the quiet. Art and the Avatar were talking uneasily off to the side as Dean and Randy tackled the exploded car issue. The watcher felt sympathy for Art, his girlfriend after being cursed was now possessed by the spirit of a goddess, pushing his love further from him. Although he desperately wanted to fix the situation for Art, the watcher new that God had other plans for both Art and the Avatar, and he hoped that Art would keep his spirits up, knowing that the Avatar was healing his girl’s body.

The watcher wasn’t overly concerned about the conclusion, it was messy but resolved. After slagging the car, Dean took a seat on the bleachers and the watcher used his ability to enlarge his sight. He would make out the lines of fatigue and worry on Dean’s face, but there was a quiet underlining of contempt. The watcher was puzzled. As Dean stretched, allowing his legs to dangle down to the row below him his jeans raised up just a bit, revealing his lower calf; the watcher caught his breath and dropped to his knees.

Dear God no!

Fear, palpable and intense seized the watcher as his heart began to race uncontrollably. He gazed wide eyed at the mark that now branded the wizard. This was impossible and was not in the prophecy! Something had gone horribly wrong. The watcher’s vision spun around him and he fought to control himself. He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing. He used the tree next to him to stand up. When he opened his eyes a small tear dropped down his cheek.

He gazed back at the wizard. Dean seemed un-phased and unaware of the mark or what was happening to him. He searched for Art, he saw him staring blankly at the field. The only one moving was Randy, who was also watching the two other boys, a look of worry and confusion on his face. As the watcher took in the scene he knew that the bond between the three had to improve or all his hard work would be for naught.


I don’t think the bond between “the boys” is bad, or weak, they just don’t seem to be the type of guys who would want to hang out with each other all the time, but are willing to sacrifice and help out when called upon.

Of course, I could be wrong…..

The Watcher (part 1)

No, but from the outside they are just now meeting each other… if you only knew what the Watcher knew :)

The Watcher (part 1)

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