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The Phantom Menace


The fun just never seems to end for Art and Dean. As the trio for Art, Sam and Dean were leaving Sam’s mini-mansion in Art’s Ford Ranger, they ran into yet ANOTHER complication, this being one Wizard Namorius. Namorius had some questions for Art about the professor, which gave Dean a few “sinking suspicions”. After a brief conversation, during which time Art found out from Det. Shaunnesy that their gear was no longer being held, they left, passing up a chance to use a portal through the NeverNever, and drove the short (but hour long drive) back to Orlando.

The group picked up their gear, and headed to the professor’s office, where Sam and Dean met with the professor, and found Namorius there already. Dean talked to the professor, and found out about an area referred to as “The Night Side”, and Sam was able to use his (incredibly versatile and useful) cell phone to scan an entire book. They then went back to Dean’s house, so he could “call” Mary back, and Art called Father Smythe. While having a semi-theological debate about the true physical existence of angels, Art, while discussing the Luminaries (Fallen Angels so to speak), found out that the Lumare Corporation was not something to be dealt with lightly, being traders in knowledge and artifacts. Father Smythe also mentioned, that they may be in possession of a Denarian coin, but didn’t know which one.

While at the house, the trio realized that “Mary” didn’t actually know who Sam was, and tried to come up with a plan to switch someone out for him during the exchange for Penny. Art volunteered himself, but wasn’t able to do it, being much physically larger than Sam. They found someone who could do it, but Art refused to risk yet another innocent, and made the suggestion that they find something else to trade for Penny.

Sam had been successful in deciphering the book written in (as Art deemed it) “Not Latin”, and found out more about the mysterious wand from the previous night. It was the Wand of Ib’Quan (pronounced Ib’Chin), and belonged to a Black Court Vampire that was hunted down and destroyed during the Crusades by an heir of Lancelot(!). The trio agreed that handing this ancient, powerful and dangerous artifact over to an evil corporate entity seemed a better choice than decapitating Sam or giving him over to said corporation. Dean made the deal with “Mary”, and, after sending Joe out for 3 dozen frosted and sprinkled doughnuts, Dean called Rombo, and had the fat brownie find out where the wand was. Rombo was successful, and the group departed, intending on leaving Sam with Father Smythe, for protection on holy ground.

This plan was not meant to be, as Art tried to drive to the church, his truck kept breaking down, and he was the recipient of (not so) subtle clues as to his true path (i.e., an ad for replicas of Excalibur being on sale at Mega*Con, and the church being evacuated). Rethinking this, they took Sam with them and headed off to the Convention Center.

Meanwhile, an agricultural officer, Randy Black (who has some knowledge of werewolves), who as still investigating Art and Dean’s “engagement” from the previous evening, noticed a shady looking character scaling up to the roof of the center. He followed him to see what he was up to. At this time, Art, Sam and Dean showed up, and spotted 2 figures on the roof top, and with Rombo’s directions, made their way up to the roof. Sam was given orders to head for the hills if they plan (as expected) would go south, and Art and Dean went to investigate.

The robed-figure made a threat towards Officer Black, who attempted to taze the warlock, but it did not seem to be effective. As Dean and Art made their way towards the fight, the warlock summoned up another “shadow wolf”, which Art, drawing his sword and asking for the Lord’s blessing, engaged in combat. Dean, on the other hand, tried a more mundane approach, and shot at the warlock with his .357 Magnum. As Art was fending off the “shadow wolf”, the warlock attempted to cast some sort of spell, which back fired was Officer Black tried to tackle him, breaking his black magic circle, and flooded the roof with black lightning. The lightning stunned Officer Black, who managed to get off a shot of his own, wounding the warlock, but the lightning also destroyed the “shadow wolf”. Art, drawing a bead on the warlock, offered him a chance to put down the wand and repent, or face the consequences. The warlock sneered, and began to chant again, and Art concussed the warlock with a mighty swipe of his sword to the side of his head.

The group began to recover, and Art, using a holy cloth, picked up the Wand. Dean and Randy both seemed to be affected and effected by the wand, Dean able to control himself, and Randy trying to physically take the Wand from the Knight. Reason prevailed, and then they saw a Cessna heading straight for them! Randy and Art (who had the Wand and the downed paramedic), headed for the stairs, as Dean cast a wind spell to deflect the plane into the lake. After having the plane land in the lake next to the center, the group made their way down the stairs. Art put the paramedic down, and had Sam and Randy try to take care of them, and then made his way after Dean, who had sprinted towards the lake to try to help anyone in the plane.

Dean cast a spell and found no one in the plane, and at almost the same time, Art realized that the Wand was no longer in his hand, having disappeared some how. At the same moment, the Wand reappeared by the former warlock. Randy went to pick it up, but Same stopped him by grabbing the Wand himself. As he did this, the body disappeared! Sam had Randy call Art’s cell phone, and told them what had happened. Art and Dean ran back to their location, and Art retook possession of the Wand, again holding it in his holy cloth. At this time, Sam doesn’t seem to be effected by the Wand.

The group made their way to the spot of the exchange, and 3 black SUVs showed up. Inside was Dean’s step-sister (the wicked?!) Terri Falca. Dean had some harsh words for his sister, and Art reluctantly turned over the Wand, and the group got Penny free. As Dean glared at his departing sister, Art tried to sense the presence of the Denarian, but did not sense it. The Phantom Menace of the Lumare Corporation now had a name and a face, and one that was very familiar for Dean!


Some one really has it out for Dean and Art…. I wonder who it could be?

The Phantom Menace

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