Dresden Files - It's a Small World

The Dark is Falling


Art was with Julie and her family at the local Cee-Cee’s pizza, trying to cheer up the losing soccer team, when Dean entered the establishment, fresh from his journey to Scotland, and his meeting with the Fey courts. Dean caught Art’s eye, and the pair met up quickly, and Art shared with Dean all that he knew, and that he had a very good feeling that Julie’s little brother might be in some sort of danger, and invited Dean back to Julie’s house. From there, they deciphered the picture that Sam had sent to Art, and found out that it was a reverse ward glyph in one of Dean’s new tomes. They called Randy, and had him join them at Julie’s house, and the trio, along with Randy’s werewolf girlfriend, tried to make plans for whatever might be happening, when all the lights suddenly started going out. Everyone congregated in the house, hoping that the house’s threshold might give them more support.
The otherworldly forces attempted to enter the house, but the threshold held, but somehow, Julie and her parents had become possessed by the forces of the Nightside. Art held the doorway to her brother’s room, preventing anyone from entering, but someone from the outside tried to force their way into the room through the window, so Art used Dean’s magical flashbang, which incapacitated everyone but Art, Dean and Randy. Dean jumped out the window to fight whatever was out there, while Art moved the boy to a more secure location. When it was all over, Art and Randy found Dean “dead”, and attempted to bring him back, then the authorities arrived.
Some research provided the knowledge that they needed white gold as a bane for the Nightside, and they came up with several plans to acquire some, including robbing Jareds. They finally pooled their money and bought as much as they could from Dean’s contact Twitch, and then Randy and Dean remembered the Roman sword, and they made plans to meet with the owner.
Randy met with the owner, while Dean and Art when to the Professor’s office, to see if he could find some way to test and see if the sword was white gold. Dean noticed that there was something off about the Professor, and they discussed it, while Randy tried to wheel-and-deal with the woman about “borrowing” the sword. When Art and Dean were done, they went to meet up with Randy, and Dean cast a ritual that told him that the sword was many different metals, and discovered that they blade was only a sheath for a white gold magical blade, but one that it took at least some minor talent in magic to remove the blade from the sheath. The woman finally relented, and the group took the blade, and went to the Sun Trust building.
There they ran into Dean’s HAWT sister, and, to everyone’s surprise, Lance, Art’s old acquaintance, was one of her guards. After some bantering back and forth, the group was shown that their suspicions were wrong, and that Dean’s sister was not behind the evil machinations.
Wandering without a clue, they noticed a familiar name: Tesla Networking. The truth almost literally smacked the trio in the face, and they devised a plan where Dean would veil Art and himself, and they would sneak in and hide in the bathroom until the business day was over. Then they called Randy, and he joined them, somehow finding a janitor truck and a uniform that fit him. Searching offices, they found one that was warded, and the trio entered, and found the room bare of technology and had an illusionary wall. They went through the wall and found what seemed to be some sort of shrine to the Nightside. Dean was overcome and destroyed the shrine, and Art, in possession of the blade, was filled with righteous fury, and destroyed several stones that contained souls within. They noticed that the wall was beginning to harden, and Art led the way out, where they encountered another shadow wolf, which Art and Dean quickly dispatched. The trio confronted another shadow wolf and a warlock, and they defeated the evil group.



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