Dresden Files - It's a Small World

Serial Killers and Soccer Games


Deciding that doing a little footwork would go a long way, and having to find something to do with the drunken Lance, the group made their way back to Dean’s house, each taking a different car to get there. Upon arriving, Dean set off to work in the garage, attempting a ritual that would help them identify and locate the source of the nasty, fiery poo flinging monkey Shen creatures. Art took the opportunity to catch a quick nap, while Officer Randy read some gaming magazines (print edition!) that he found on the coffee table.

When Dean had finished, he knew what the creatures were (kind of), and that they were not the same summoned creatures from the Wand. The group went back to the alley where Art had first seen the creatures, and Dean located a “rift” between our dimension and the “Never Ever” (or the Night Side…whatever!). A creature forced it’s way through the rift, and hit Randy with some sort of mental compulsion, making him experience his greatest fears. Dean was semi-affected, but not nearly to the extent that Randy was. Art’s faith and strong conviction and beliefs completely shielded him from the attack, and he channeled his Faith through his sword and struck the creature. While it was momentarily distracted, Dean finished the creature off with an evocation. Randy, still under the influence of the spell, saw something moving, and blasted it with his shotgun. It turned out to be a homeless man, and Art forced Randy to call the appropriate authorities.
Dean went to see the Professor, and was making his way to Scotland through the ways, giving Art and Randy several hours. They went and met Don Johnson, Art’s White Court stuck in the 80’s street informer/pusher/pimp, to see if he could dig up any more information on the current “scene”. They then ate at the Waffle House and went their separate ways.
Dean met Namorius in Edinborough, and gained some information on the creatures. Art went to spend the day with Julie and her family, but kept having his day interrupted by phone calls, first from Don, then to Randy, and then several from Sam. Turns out that the disappearances of people had risen some 200% in the past month, and with Sam’s help, they discovered a pattern to the killings/disappearances…they were in alphabetical order, coming up to the letter “S”, and most were children between 8 and 12 years old, making Julie’s brother a prime target. And here they were, out at night, with something strange happening….



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