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"Are we there yet?"

Intro- The team narrowly escapes the Lumare Corporate building, Dean’s body is incapacitated while his soul is inhabiting the body of his sister, Terri, who’s mind and soul seems occupied by dark forces. Officer Black followed in his new car but almost immediately got called away to investigate an issue at a local park. Sam was called and given the heads up about the situation and asked to collect some items for quick ward creation…

Ok players, post your character’s thoughts and feelings from the climax of last season. What’s going on their noggins?!?

1 Fate Point will be awarded if you post your character’s thoughts. Remember, Fate Points have refreshed, any left over from last season are gone.


Sam hung up the phone, cursing. “Damnit Dean, what part of Magic gives me the hibbie-gibbies do you not get!?! And this list… really… this reads like a bad teenage vampire-sorceress diary book about spell casting… oh well. He’s my brother, I’ll be there for him, always. The fairies have been quiet recently, maybe I wont be accosted going to the shed for some copper wire…”

Segway to Season2

Dean’s Head was spinning or was it Terri’s head? Why was he stuck in this body? Oh man things are going to get complicated. Luckily they got out of the building and evaded Terra the 2nd part to Dean’s evil step sister trio. Dean could stand to be around Terra a little longer than the other two being that they were fellow Wardens. But Dean didn’t know how being trapped inside Terri’s body would go down, so better to skip out on the awkward family meeting.

After making Art call Sam for the components needed Dean knew that his week was just getting started… Son of a Bitch.

Segway to Season2

Art gripped the blessed cloth in his hand as he surveyed the area, and looked at himself, covered in the ectoplasmic gore of the demons and shadow hounds, even as it quickly evaporated back into where ever it had come from, and quickly picked up the cursed wand that had caused Art and Dean so much trouble in the cloth, and stashed it in his bag of holy gear that he had with him. He also felt the resounding emptiness inside him, as if his destiny had been ripped away from him when he lost Excalibur, letting the holy blade slip away to save his friend. He lifted up Dean’s prone body, reassuringly feeling a pulse, letting him know that his sacrifice wasn’t in vain, then Terri spoke.

Art’s head spun towards the vile wizardess, his hand instinctively going towards the tiny blade they had retrieved, the magic blade. He had offered her redemption, and she had laughed in his face, so he knew what had to be done. As quickly as the thought passed through his mind, Raguel spoke to him.

“Behead the luminary Arthur, and end the trheat once and for all. Only then will her soul truly be redeemed.”

Art stalked towards Terri, and he heard the voice again.

“No, Arthur, the one on your shoulder.”

Then Art actually heard what Terri was saying.

“Call Sam, Art, tell him we need…”

Art’s head spun, he had to stop and think. The archangel had just implied that all was not as it seemed, and the words seemed to confirm it.

And then the walkie-talkie squelched, and another wave of potential incoming foes had announced themselves, and they were in no condition to fight.

“We need to leave Dean, can you walk? My truck is over ther….” Art paused. “Dean, isn’t your other sister a warden as well? And if so, won’t she be able to follow us like you can? We need to hide out, and Sam is an hour or 2 away….We need a plan. A place to catch our breath. Doesn’t running water do something, like with that kid sorcerer we took out? What’s near here with lots of running water? Sea World?”

Segway to Season2

“Ava… Earth to Ava!”

Ava Serendon whipped her head around at the voice of her best friend, Meg, who was standing hands-on-hips in the doorway of their flat. The petite blonde crooked a smile at her friend and leaned against the door’s frame.

“Hey, there you are. You alright, space cadet?”

The girl in question sighed wearily and ran a hand through her wayward red-brown curls. They were getting more riotous every day, as summer drew closer, and she gave up when her hand snagged a knot.

“Yeah, yeah,” she mumbled. “I’m alright – I’ve just got weird, kinda crushing, breathless feeling again. Like something’s coming, you know?”

Meg frowned. “You’ve been saying that for weeks, you know? Maybe you should go see a doctor -” a Cheshire cat grin spread across her face, “- or you could talk to that vet at Sea World, you know? The hot one. I bet he’d be happy to give you a check up.”

“Oh, ha ha. Seriously, though, just… keep an eye out, alright?” Ava’s hand tightened around the strap of her waterproof trainer’s pack, standard issue for employees of the ever-illustrious water-themed park. The silhouette of an orca whale in blue and black took up most of the back, with SEA WORLD emblazoned in yellow along the zipper line.

“Animal instincts kicking in?”

“Oh, shut it… barmy girl. I’m off, then.” As she ran down the stairs and out the front of the shop connected to the upstairs apartment – a little tourist trap filled with deep sea treasures and trinkets – she cast a final glance over her shoulder at Meg, who waved from the balcony.

A chill feeling of despair dropped into her stomach as she caught sight of a wicked-looking storm brewing in the distance.

“Something’s coming,” she thought. “And it doesn’t look good.”__

Segway to Season2

The brunette, fit woman ran around the corner and flattened herself into a narrow nook. She wore skin tight black leathers, carried a slender grey-steel wand in one hand and a Colt M1911. Shadowy demons raced by her hiding spot and down the corridor. As the sounds of their clawed feet faded, she extracted herself. She was angry, somehow she let the power of the Wand of Ib’Quan get to her, well she knew why, it was a source of great power and she couldn’t resist trying to control it. What she didn’t realize was that she had been marked. Her ancestry could be traced back to Ib’Quan himself, a vile, self-obsessed and extremely powerful wizard that had sired more bastards than King Henry VIII. He had gotten into her head, dragged her soul into some dark dimension and proceeded to torture her, wrapping her own magic around her. She tried to escape back into her mind but she knew it was futile; he had somehow managed to separate her soul from her body. He sliced into her and she screamed again. The sliver of her arm that he cut off turned silver and he ate it, smiling intensely, eyes closed as waves of pleasure ran down him.

Then something happened, there was a bright flash and Ib’Quan screamed and howled.

She didn’t know how long she lay in the light. When her vision cleared she was inside a maze, a maze she knew well, it was her mental defensive construct. A virtual mind maze, laid with traps and monsters, and she knew all the hiding places. She could still feel Ib’Quan’s presence, sending demons into her mind to find her. She had to find a way to seal off her mind, disconnect it from her ancestor. Determination spread across her face. She had to get back, her sisters were in danger. If she was a potential vessel so were they. She had to get back and warn them before it was too late.

Segway to Season2

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