Dresden Files - It's a Small World

Season 1 Recap

Ok guys, my notebook is awol, so…. After re-reading what we posted on Obsidian here is the climax and cliff hanger from last season…
Knowing the wand of Ib’Quan was the key the “Never Ever” powers, the team hatched a plot to break into Lumare Coporation and take possession of the Wand. In the process they found out the building was under attack and after negotiating their way past the front guards, the team ended up in the storage chamber where a hostile spirit had taken over Terri Falca’s body. Not allowing a chance to beat his sister silly, Dean and the team attempted to stop the possessed sorceress. Well they did, but in the process Dean’s unknown curse took hold and the evil spirit, that of the ancient warlock Ib’Quan himself took over Dean’s body, kicking his spirit free of his body. The conflict had not only manage to take out one of the good guys it also gave Ib’Quan another body to work his magic through, which he was trying to open a permanent portal to the Never Ever. Noticing that his sister’s body was still breathing but unaware, Dean took a risk and slid into her body trying to get back into the fight; which he succeeded to do, very easily, almost too easily. Dean and Art once again tried a desperate gamble; this time to stop Dean’s possessed body from completing the ritual. Their gamble paid off but sent a wave of energy coursing through the room. Luckily the room’s pillars were designed to absorb and redirect magical energy but Dean and Art being too close were hit. Art’s sword, the magical and divine Excalibur was ripped out of his hands and flung into a rift in space. Dean’s spirit was momentarily thrown from the body then like a magical rubber band he was snapped back and knocked out. Officer Black, who up until now was just trying to hold his own against the shadow hounds and demons, checked on the slew of bodies on the floor. Art was ok, bruised but awake. Dean’s body was … in a coma like state. Terri’s body, was unconscious with Dean’s spirit still inside. The various Lumare guards were dead, drained of their life force.
The wand lies on the ground, pulsating with power, the alter to some forsaken power lies broken and shattered. Several storage pillars have been destroyed and various items, glinting in the flashing warning lights are strewed about the floor. Two cells in, past the thick glass, you can also make out a small pedestal with a black pillow and on top of it a silver coin, a coin that seems to sing to all that gaze upon it. Terri’s body growns and her raspy voice mutters, “Did we get him?”
The icing on the cake: the walkie-talkie of one of the guards pipes up, “Mrs. Falca your sister Terra is here, the warden mam, she says she’s here to take possession of the item, and you would know what she’s talking about…”

Rewards- Since the start of the game, all players should have been awarded two Major Milestones, granting them a total of two refresh and two skill points. In addition to that we had two Minor Milestones, granting them a total of an additional two skills points. Grand total: +2 Refresh and +4 Skill Points.

At this time I am still only allowing one skill at +5. From my time playing on Saturdays some things to keep in mind- complications are good and they are great points to use for story and character interaction, so you will see more complications this mini-season. I also have a greater appreciation and understanding of magic and I think this season will be more entertaining than last one.

As far as your character’s aspects, I know there has been some talk of them changing, which is excellent, that reflects character growth and change. Just don’t get too married to the new ones because they may change after our first skype meeting. We will be resolving how the team extracts itself from the corporation building. That will affect many “aspects” of our upcoming story arc.

I look forward to talking Tuesday night.



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