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Decisions decisions


Just Great.
I knew this was gonna be a bad week, Now I got my sister’s fairy Godmother knocking on the door telling me the only way to get out of my Step-Sisters meat is to go to a Swim Meet. Fantastic. Only got a day to plan how to win an underwater race against Fae who are probably already endowed with aquatic abilities. And I didn’t even get my own golden egg.

Ok planning time. Gonna need to craft some items. Number one rule about being a Wizard, Come prepared. How fast are Dolphins? I could sware I saw a spell somewhere in Tobin’s Guide to Magical Transformations. Maybe some Gillyweed would do for this special event.

Gotta win.


Art shook his head. How could Dean not know better than to make deals with the Fae? Didn’t he always tell Art not to do that? Even his insistence at not doing this, that they could find another way to reverse what had happened had fallen on deaf ears.

Perhaps there was something different with Dean now. Raguel had urged him to take up his blade, but Art had not.

“Lord help me. Why do I feel like I’m 1 step behind somehow?”

Decisions decisions

‘I guess the Mermen aren’t so bad,’ Ava thought as she watched her grandmother disappear around a corner, flanked by her borrowed guards. ’It’s just hard to imagine a seal being friends with a fish.’ She cast her glance around the bedroom, then, and sighed when she saw the lineup of pretty, spring-colored gowns. Nothing against balls and fanciful faerie gatherings, but she much preferred a dive into the sea than a turn on the dance floor. Though Evianne certainly had a point about the White Rose Gala. Lots of suitors.

‘As long as they’re not selkies, I’ll be alright.’

Her thoughts turned grim as she thought of the White Rose Meet from the year prior. Again, she’d been selected as a representative for the Island, and she appreciated the honor in the title, but she wished that she hadn’t been chosen to participate again. It had been hard watching the humans who came to participate, strong as they were, fail the obstacles and die. Especially after becoming such close friends with Meg over the years, she couldn’t help but imagine her out there on the water…

It seemed the Courts were ready for a battle this year, though if they were bringing in a were-shark. Where in the Deep did they even find a were-shark, anyway?

‘Ah, well, dropping out isn’t an option. I just have to pack and be as prepared as I can be. I hope the other selkies will be alright.’ As she looked over her belongings, slipping what she thought might be useful into her water-tight Seaworld trainer’s bag, she cast a wary glance at the dresses again. She thought of the Gala night – dancing, drinking and devising plans for survival.

’I’ll need to make some alliances and swim for my life if I’m going to make it through this one.’

Decisions decisions

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