Dresden Files - It's a Small World

Dangerous Play


As Art, Dean, Sam and Randy watched the 3 black SUVs drive off, Dean, protectively holding Penny kept muttering to himself under his breath, about an evil bitch.

With a roguish smile, Art looked at him and said off-handedly, “Your sister is hot.”

“She’s an evil, sadistic bitch!”

“The Lord always offers redemption Dean…”

After a quick exchange, with Dean and Randy trying to convince Penny that she was being held by the IRA in some sort of terrorist plot, the group split up. Randy went home to Heather the werewolf, Art escorted Sam for protection, and Dean took Penny back to her house, with the plan to meet at the IHOP in the morning.

When Dean arrived at the Edwards’ house, he met Namorius there, who told him that he had shown up and created a cover story about the IRA making demands, and that the FBI had gotten Dean involved. Dean considered it, but, in his tired, fried brain pan state never stopped to consider that the trio had never told Namorius who was kidnapped…Dean stayed the night to comfort Penny (with, strangely enough, the song “I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You” playing in the background, almost as if in a TV montage scene…).

In the morning, the group met at IHOP, and Dean and Art told their “secrets” under a semi-interrogation by Officer Black. After breakfast, the group (minus Sam) went back to Mega*Con, Dean and Randy to “browse” and Art had to work.

While at Mega*Con met Vivian De Luce, who was carrying a silver amulet, in the style of a Celtic Cross that radiated magic faintly. Dean also kept noticing a bronze Roman short sword. Dean made an inquiry about the amulet, and Ms. De Luce told him the story of it being given to a Welsh princess by an Irish privateer, and that it was a sign of true love. They bargained over a price, but it was closing time for vendors, and Dean again noted the short sword.

Sunday involved Church at St. James Catholic Church, where Father Smythe presided. Coincidentally, it is also the same church that Penny and her family attended. It seems it is a small world! Penny convinced Dean to come to Mass with them (perhaps not hurt by Art’s constant invitations, and Father Smythe’s invitation as well). After Mass, Father Smythe, a very unassuming, but physically large man, was talking to Dean, and, despite Dean’s protests, some how seemed to talk Dean into RCIA classes, and perhaps converting (for Penny’s sake of course..).

The week seemed to pass as close to normal as it could for a wizard, a holy knight and a cop that dates a werewolf. After Wednesday night services, Art met up with an old high school acquaintance, Lance Durand, former high school jock, now ex-marine. The pair went to Murphy’s Pub, a local law enforcement hang out, to catch up on old times. Shortly after midnight, as they were leaving, Art got “a bad feeling”, heard breaking glass, and saw what appeared to be a homeless man stumble out of a darkened alley, quickly followed by a pair of black, scaly monkey creatures who seemed to be flinging blue, flaming poo! Lance quickly pulled out his hand cannon and fired a few errant shots, and one of the creatures ripped the man apart. Art, being without his “gear”, grabbed Lance and pushed him into Lance’s car, and sped away. One of the creatures landed on the car’s roof, but Art fishtailed the mid-sized sedan, sending the creature flying into a wall, where it rebounded into a pool of street light, where the creature dissipated, like the shadow wolves had. Art called Dean, who called Randy, and they all met at the 13 Sisters. The group met up, after Dean called the professor and learned that they might, perhaps be Shen, a short of demonic monkey. Randy also called Heather and found out that they could be facing spirits.

They returned to the scene of the crime, the very drunk Lance in the back of Randy’s squad car. After a quick exchange with the local authorities, Art got his truck and went back to where the other 3 vehicles were parked. Randy tried to find out what he could, but really go no information from the condescending lieutenant that was on the scene. Dean found that the building by where Art had scene the creatures held 3 businesses: Joe’s Roofing, Cool Breeze AC Repair and Tesla’s Networking. They reconvened, and went back to where Art had “defeated” the 1st creature, and Dean picked up signs of “bad mojo”, but they decided that any further magical research should be done at Art’s place, just not in the garage!



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